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Premiere (2006)

overture 2015
awaken from a dream
the corridor
event that changed everything
first rays of morning light
dancing with the fire
the highest floor

lyrics for premiere

Scenery Channel at MySpace

Christmas present 2006 Fasten Me (demo)

Dark To Light (2004)

silence like a scream
caged by the dark

Fallen Leaf (2003)

1. I don't mind
2. Seize the waters
3. Air to breathe
4. The leaf
5. Dream with me

Grey (2001)

1. Behind the wall
2. Inside the frames
3. Between the sun and the dark

Quickshow (2000)

1. Frequency
2. The Jonathan complex
3. My eyes
4. Image enhancement

promo06 - album
promo06 - 01
promo06 - 02
promo06 - 03

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Scenery Channel - Premiere

Peto 5/5 (review in Finnish)

ProGGnosis review 9/10

Stalkermusic 4/5 (review in Finnish)

Noise 4/5 (review in Finnish)

Miasma-Mag 7/10 (review in Finnish)

Findance 7/10 (review in Finnish)

Vertigo 3/5 (review in Finnish)

Imperiumi 6.5/10 (review in Finnish)

Desibeli 2/5 (review in Finnish)

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Noise Jan 23, 2007 (interview in Finnish)

Suomenmaa May 19, 2006 (interview in Finnish)

Peto May 13, 2005 (article in Finnish)

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