Scenery Channel was founded in January 1999 by Tommi Inkilä and Pasi Hiltula. They both shared the vision of a band that could incorporate different styles into one. Soon they found Olli Jakola, whose rhythmic precision was just what they needed. The core of the band had formed. From day one, this band was really concentrating on creating its own material. In 2000, Scenery Channel was strengthened by the unique and charismatic voice of Mikko Lankinen.

Quickly after this the band took a new step towards recognition, as it was chosen to play live at Tavastia (Helsinki, Finland) from over 200 contestants. It was also the band’s first gig outside its hometown, Oulu. The show was a blast and showed the chameleon-like nature of this progressive rock band. Soon after this gig Scenery Channel started to work on songs that finally ended up being on an EP called Grey, released in 2001.

The following years were problematic due to line-up changes. The obligatory military service caused problems too. After two years of turbulent times though, the band released an EP named Fallen Leaf. This was a huge milestone in the band’s history: this release was offered on the Internet for free after which the band received countless messages from all over the world. A small, but loyal underground fan base took its form.

Finally Scenery Channel found a man who could handle the heavy duties of the low register. Nipa Lahdenperä joined the madness bringing some tight bass lines to anchor the rest of the band’s gravity-defying playing. Six months later the band released another EP called Dark to Light which contained catchy songs such as Silence Like a Scream and Beacon. These songs were played on Finnish radio channels in spite of their non-mainstream nature.

Soon after this it was certain that Scenery Channel’s debut album would be built around particular themes — in both lyrical and musical senses. Premiere is a complete whole filled with progressive rock, pop and metal moments. In short: breathtaking tunes, killer metal grooves, crossover vibes and last but not least, utmost technical brilliancy.